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new article! - History and future of the Westfalenstadion (part 1)

Startbeitrag von jonam am 05.12.2002 01:04

History and future of the Westfalenstadion (part 1)

Borussia Dortmund today is a football giant in Germany and Europe. The revenues are rising from year to year, the club is expanding, a new training complex is in progress, new markets will be penetrated but the heart of Borussia is still what it was decades ago…….the fans and their home, the place on the stand. Especially younger fans think the Westfalenstadion was the club’s first home ground but Borussia's history didn’t start here...

article now online at schwatzgelb.com


i think this article is excellent.

in my opinion, for the non-german based(or non-german speaking) BVB fans, the tradition, history, and even the legend players is the kind of information that most difficult to obtain.

it's really glad to know more and more about the BVB history thru Schwatzgelb.com, as a BVB fans!!

von YickHong Lam - am 05.12.2002 14:25
nice to hear that you like the article! :-)

maybe i write another one about the history or the legendary players when i have the time to do so.

von jonam - am 08.12.2002 19:09
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