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Congratulations and i want to do a question

Startbeitrag von Luis Larraguibel am 22.01.2003 23:27

I wanto to congratulate to the designer and journalist of Schwatzgelb becuase their work is very good. I want to salute to all BVB-fans in the world, specially to the no-german fans like me.
Well, I'm very happy becuase i received the BVB-trikot 2002 (its beauty) and I must be the only fan in Chile that it had. I'm very proud for my trikot.
I want to do some questions:
1) Why Goool.de is the trikot-sponsor of BVB if goool.de is unknown around the world?
2) What team is most hated: Schalke or Bayern?
3) The HSV had 6 or 7 german titles? (HSV say 7 and DFB say 6)

Well, thanks and bye



von Saviola - am 23.01.2003 02:50
1) goool.de is a 100% daughter of borussia dortmund, that means the club has its own company to produce trikots. actually they provide sports wear for smaller clubs and especially for youth teams in germany. but also dynamo dresden wears goool.de.
lately there were rumours that nike want a cooperation with them but at the moment that are only rumours.

2) here in germany it's pretty clear that sch**** is most hated (don't even wright down this awful name). this "friendship" has a long tradition and their stadium is only about 50 Km away from ours.
bayern is hated by every football fan here in germany (ok, maybe not by the bayern fans;-)

3) German League Champions: 1922, 1923, 1928, 1960. Bundesliga Champions 1979, 1982, 1983 (from www.hsv.de).
but in 1922 they renounced the title (don't ask me why but that is the reason why it's not clear whether 6 or 7 titles)

von jonam - am 23.01.2003 08:16
Thanks for your reply Jonam

von Luis Larraguibel - am 23.01.2003 19:17
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