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Have beer, will cheer; German soccer fans ready to support where needed

Startbeitrag von jonam am 19.03.2004 10:01

Have beer, will cheer; German soccer fans ready to support where needed

FRANKFURT (AP) - For a few beers and some sausage, a bunch of club-
less soccer fans in Germany will travel to lend support on demand.

Clubs willing to use the service also have to pick up travel costs.
In return, they get vocal support, including specially composed songs
with witty verses and a home-field feel. The idea came to fans of SC
Goettingen, who were left without a team to support when the former
second division club from the university town went bust in October.

"We got so many requests we could travel every weekend until the
summer," said law student Christoph Pauer, one of the originators of
the idea.

Several planned trips fell through though because the games had been
wiped out by bad weather.

But on Feb. 29, about 30 "fans for rent" travelled to support the
amateur club Wolfenbuetteler SV - which promptly won 2-0.

Pauer said his group won't support teams that were Goettingen's most
bitter rivals.

And the group may get its team back soon - the local club is being


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