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Dortmund renew Van Bommel interest

Startbeitrag von GrBor am 15.07.2004 21:13

Dortmund renew Van Bommel interest

Borussia Dortmund's new coach Bert van Marwijk has stressed that he is still keen to sign PSV Eindhoven's Dutch international Mark van Bommel.

The 27-year-old midfielder, who happens to be van Marwijk's son-in-law, had already announced that he will leave Eindhoven this summer, but after being forced to miss Euro 2004 due to an injury, the 22-times capped Holland star has yet failed to find a new club.

Dortmund's talks with Eindhoven had stalled after the Dutch club refused an initial offer believed to be worth €3 million, but the BVB are back in the race for the midfield star.

"Yes, I still want him and he wants to join us. We have many players up front and many defenders too, but we need one for [the midfield] axis. I really hope that we can realise his signing," van Marwijk told Sportbild.

The coach plans to pair his son-in-law with Czech youngster Tomas Rosicky in what would look like one of Die Bundesliga's most promising midfield line-ups.

"There are not many players like him, he is able to defend well, has excellent control and can create chances. He would be the ideal addition to Tomas," van Marwijk explained.


This transfer would be so great!

von GrBor - am 15.07.2004 21:13
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