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Watching a BVB Game

Startbeitrag von Koller09 am 08.01.2006 00:14

I was wondering if anybody knows of any agencies that you can order BVB tickets and plane tickets from. I am currently located in Toronto and would like to find an agency that I can purchase BVB and a plane ticket from to go see a BVB game in dortmund.


There are a few trip agencies advertised here in Canada (I'm in Toronto too!)like 442eurotours.com or 442soccertours.com or something like that.
You could also try the BVB yahoo list that I'm a member of here:

and ask around.
You can always get airfare on your own to/from Germany & accomodations.

von kingb71 - am 08.01.2006 16:36
442EuroTours and 442SoccerTours do not work...do you have anything else??
or maybe the url is wrong???

von Koller09 - am 08.01.2006 20:49
They must have gone out of business.
I did find this:

von kingb71 - am 08.01.2006 21:56
I found that site too but they only have tickets and plane tickets for the world cup and not teams

von Koller09 - am 10.01.2006 23:20
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