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Amoah enjoying second chance

Startbeitrag von jonam am 24.01.2006 20:57

Amoah enjoying second chance
Two years ago, if you had asked a Ghanaian football fan about Matthew Amoah they most likely would have been puzzled. The 25-year-old has a strange relationship with the supporters back home despite playing an important role in helping the team to qualify for their first FIFA World Cup™ finals.

Amoah scored four times in the qualifiers for Germany 2006 but remains an unsung hero in Ghana. Not even his flurry of goals seemingly every other weekend in the Dutch league with Vitesse Arnhem earned him star status with Ghanaian fans. This oddity is largely due to the fact that the striker did not play for long in Ghana, leaving after an agent spotted him playing for amateur side Ambassadors of Tema....

source: [www.ghanaweb.com]


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