video of my layout 2013 slovenia-croatia-serbia others models

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hallo my name is gomulka this is my layout my collections of model ho is dedicate to locomotive and coach handmade of
slovenian,croatian and another balkans state
the videos:vlak:
the history of layout
My plastic modular description-
the current size is 3x3 meters with a structure of 6 moduli.ha received a revamp last year
, leaving only the part of the original station had old layout ''museum''il more 'than twenty 'new year are the two passers-side B-side entrance and exit station, the last and' under construction at this time-
Armament and 'hoarse switches with self-built parts visibili.solo hoarse about whether old-line
represents a secondary station with four tracks and a small goods yard, depot turntable steam and calls for the coal mine-
the line and 'single-track line until deflected
towards Dalmatia and the sea with only diesel line ends station in the fantasy-shoveled
the other line leads to the Croatian border station sapjane made ​​between the real and unreal, where changes can be done at 3000V traction 25/50kv-
buildings and works of art are self-made and commercial management and and 'fully analog
setting is the 'line from the Trieste Karst in the woods that go to ljubljana Jesenice former border with Austria and the coast Dalmatian ..
Luca's train page my hompage poz:
bye gomulka


Re: slovenia-croatia-serbia others models ho and photos

hallo i present the eletric loco ho of SZ class 342 that came in last times in the border station spiefeld strasse where is change with the obb loco with the composition of train to austria-germany-others -
the model ho handmade in my layout class sz 342 Very common universal eletric locos called ''moped'' with motors similar to class 362-8 to remain in service six units in the new livery red......

this year the firm acme had product two series of the models sz 342 in yellow livery .....

BYE gomulka and thank the friend miro

von gomulka - am 17.09.2013 13:07
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