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Anyone works fine Sangean WFR-27C programmed alarms?

Startbeitrag von Gabry am 26.12.2017 16:18


Recently I bought a internet radio, Sangean WFR-27C, all is perfect without when I programming some alarm without AC adapter... because with AC Adapter it's OK, but with batteries when turn off the radio the alarm not turn on the radio !.... Incredible but true...
I don't know if only happen to me radio, perhaps it's broken....

Somebody happen the same? or there are some firmware update to fix that?

Thank you very much in advance !




Yes, your observation is correct.
Only if powered by an AC adapter the radio can go in a suspend state after switching off. In that state the radio won't need to boot up again and it can keep the time.
If operated by batteries the radio is shut down completely. Since it has no independent clock circuit it can't keep the time and alarms won't work. In fact, after booting up the radio can only set the clock if a time signal is received - or if someone enters the time manually.

Apart from that (and some other minor shortcomings) the WFR-27C is a very good Radio anyway! :)

von DigiBC - am 26.12.2017 17:54
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