EV mit Li-Polymer-Batterie ab 2005 in Europa

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[www.autonet.ca] finds partner to make electric motor By Canadian Press Oct 11, 2002 ST-JEROME, Que. (CP) -- Hydro-Quebec said Oct. 10, 2002 it's teaming up with a European automaker to design vehicles to house the utility's electric automobile engine. Jean-Rene Marcoux, head of the Hydro-Quebec subsidiary CapiTech, would not name the European firm but said the partnership would produce a street-ready electric car for sale in Europe by 2005. The vehicle would be powered by Hydro-Quebec's lithium-metal-polymer (LMP) battery and TM4 wheel-motor system, said Marcoux. ""These batteries have smaller volume, less weight and can be made at lower cost than what is on the market now,"" Marcoux said at an international forum on advanced transportation in St-Jerome, Que., north of Montreal. Marcoux said with the battery and wheel-motor system working in tandem, the electric cars could eventually overcome most of the cost and weight concerns that have kept them off the consumer market in North America. ""A car with these two elements can go 250 to 300 kilometres without being recharged,"" said Marcoux. Hydro-Quebec continues to look for a North American partner to design, market and service electric cars using its new technologies. Dumas said Quebec would be an ideal place for the electric car market to take off in North America, because it has plentiful hydroelectric power that's virtually emission-free. ""It's like running a car on water, in terms of emissions,"" said Dumas. ""This motor lasts forever, and the battery lasts 15 years, maintenance-free,"" he added. Dumas said Quebec has more than enough electricity to fuel the transition to electric vehicles. One car would use about as much electricity as a water heater and can be recharged overnight, Marcoux added. One major barrier to the development of the electric-car market is that none of the world's top 15 car-makers are interested in producing a series of cars that would sell fewer than 100,000 vehicles per year, Marcoux said. Pierre Lavallee, head of the Electric Vehicle Experimentation Centre of Quebec, said it will probably take a disaster such as a major flood to wake up the North American public and governments to the need to scrap polluting technologies, like the internal-combustion engine. ""The public has to realize that the car and the greenhouse gases it emits are a real danger,"" said Lavallee. ***Ich vermute mal bei dem ""europäischen Hersteller"" handelt es sich um Renault oder PSA. Alle anderen Hersteller betreiben ja mit den Forschungsmilliarden lieber Brennstoffzellen...Gruß Jens


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