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Th!nk kommt in die Schweiz

Startbeitrag von Elweb Admin am 23.12.2013 00:04

Nachricht gemeldet am: 20.12.2002
Author / Quelle: Jens Schacherl
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Ganz sicher ist es zwar noch nicht aber es gibt zumindest einen ""letter of intent"":Ford To Sell Th!nk Nordic To Swiss FirmFirm to be sold to Kamkorp Microelectronics of Switzerland. Source: PR Newswire [Dec 19, 2002] OSLO December 19, 2002 – Ford Motor Company today announced that it has entered into a 'letter of intent' to sell Think Nordic - the specialist manufacturer of urban battery electric vehicles - to Kamkorp Microelectronics of Switzerland, preserving 100 jobs at its Aurskog, Norway, plant. The proposed sale of TH!NK follows an announcement in August 2002 that Ford planned to cease investment in battery electric vehicles and would instead concentrate its development resources on fuel cell and hybrid technologies. Ford of Europe Vice President of European sales operations, Ingvar Sviggum, said: ""We are now hopeful that this is just the result we have all worked hard to achieve. We promised the workforce we would do everything possible to maintain the business as a going concern and to protect jobs. ""We also felt a duty towards the community of Aurskog and the Norwegian authorities, who have been supportive throughout."" The prospective new owners of the company plan to continue development and production of battery electric vehicles and would be granted the right to use the ""TH!NK"" and ""city"" brand names as part of the agreement, which was not Ford's original intention. ""In the end, it was the jobs of the workforce and the health of the Aurskog community that took priority,"" said Sviggum, ""and Ford believed that this was a small price to pay.""KamKorp European Business Development Director, Bernd Winkler, added: ""We are delighted to have this opportunity. There is a 10-year history of EV production in Norway, and the workforce at Aurskog has unrivalled experience and expertise in this specialist area. Ford has kept this tradition alive, and now we are thrilled to be negotiating to take it over. It's a wonderful Christmas present for all of us."" Ford Motor Company acquired TH!NK in 1999 when it was trading under the PIVCO name, and the new City vehicle was launched the same year. The TH!NK name was used by Ford as the umbrella brand for all of its zero-emissions products and technology. Following the rapid evolution of fuel cell and hybrid technologies, Ford made a strategic decision to withdraw from battery electric vehicle production.


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