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EV-World: good news (VW) - bad news (SAM)

Startbeitrag von Elweb Admin am 23.12.2013 00:09

Nachricht gemeldet am: 16.02.2003
Author / Quelle: R. Reichel
Weblink: www.solarmobil.net/aktuelles.htm

First the bad news. Felix Kopp in Switzerland reports that Cree, the developer of the SAM, a tandem electric vehicle has been stymied in its efforts to find sufficient funding to keep the program moving forward. The company blames current economic uncertainties, this despite worldwide interest in licensing production of the slick little EV that looks like it came off of Q's drawing board in a James Bond movie. So, the program has been put on indefinite hold, which is really a shame. This would be one fun way to commute! As for the good news, again thanks to Felix, VW has unveiled a really cool sports car that is projected to get the equivalent to 117 mpg and has a top speed of 180 kmh. The car uses the same turbo-diesel found in the 3 Liter Lupo. Auto.T-Online reports that the car may be available in two years. To which I reply, Wunderbar!VW'S WUNDERCAR II VW's 2 Liter concept car sports gullwing doors, not unimpressive acceleration and amazing fuel economy of 2 liters per 100 km. Now when can I get one? [evworld.com] ... für mehr aus den USA, siehe unter www.solarmobil.net/aktuelles.htm, dann unter EV-World..... leider alles in Englisch.Gruss, R.Reichel, bsm


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