TH!NK Norwegen wieder aktiv - Meldung von EV-News

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Diese Meldung kam heute per e-mail von EV-World (USA) rein. Demnach ist TH!NK Norwegen, die vorübergehend zu Ford gehörten, wieder aktiv. Wöchentlich neu: Die Meldungen von EV-World sind bei zu finden. --------------------------------------------------------------Th!nk Nordic Can't Meet Demand for Electric CarPublic interest growing in little two-seater once owned by Ford.Source: Aftenposten[Jul 03, 2003]The popular little Norwegian electric car called ""Think"" is a hot item, especially since Norwegian officials ths week started allowing the car to use fast lanes previously reserved for buses and taxis in the Oslo area. But the Think Nordic factory northeast of Oslo isn't producing enough cars to meet demand.The factory, in fact, isn't producing any new cars at the moment. A spokeswoman told Norwegian Broadcasting earlier this week that the factory ""is between two models,"" and its new owners have been concentrating most on research and development.""We can only offer used cars right now, and those that have been returned from leasing contracts,"" said Katinka von der Lippe of Think Nordic.Low production and restrictive leasing contracts have long been a problem in the US, where ""Think"" fans have complained they can't get their hands on the car. Von der Lippe said it likely will take ""several more months"" before production of a new ""Think"" model gets underway.Opening up the so-called ""collective"" lanes to the electric car is seen as a huge advantage for the ""Think"" car, she said. Von der Lippe said the factory has had a rush of customer requests for the car.""We've especially noticed that ordinary people are showing interest in the car,"" she told newspaper Dagens Naeringsliv. ""Earlier we've sold mostly just to companies with an environmental profile.""She thinks access to the special lanes on local motorways will make the electric cars more visible. The access has been granted just for the next year, at which point the state will evaluate whether to extend it


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