Renault / Nissan investieren in das israelische Elektroauto Projekt

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Die Internet-site berichtet am 12.1. und am 13.1.2008 über das ""Israel electric car project"".12.1.2008: Renault Nissan to invest in Israeli electric car projectBy Daniel Schmil, The Marker CorrespondentCarlos Ghosn, the president of the French-Japanese car manufacturer Renault Nissan, is expected to visit Israel on January 21, and take part in the inauguration event of the Israeli electric car enterprise.Ghosn is expected to announce that his company will invest in the enterprise, which is led by the Israeli entrepreneur Shai Agassi, and set up a major development center in Israel.Agassi's endeavor seeks to establish an infrastructure to cater for hundreds of thousands of environment-friendly electric cars, which will gradually replace petrol- and diesel-fueled cars, whose environmental effect is devastating. AdvertisementThe cars themselves would be free of greenhouse gas emissions, but the electricity generation process would still be powered by fossil fuels. Nonetheless, the electric car would contribute to the reduction of noise and pollution in town centers.siehe dazu im Internet unter [].. und in einem weiteren Bericht am 13.1.2008 heißt es dazu: Agassi chooses Israel as venue to unveil electric carBy Guy GrimlHigh-tech visionary Shai Agassi on Friday chose Israel as the venue to unveil an electric car he believes may take the world by storm. Channel 2 television reported on the vehicle's first test-drive on the road, driven by Agassi himself, who dared to race against a regular car powered by traditional fuel. The Channel 2 cars correspondent, Shai Gal, said the electric car is quiet and unexceptional in feel.This was the first time Agassi unveiled the vehicle at the heart of his vision, which involves nationwide infrastructure to recharge batteries of ""clean"" electric cars.Agassi says he does not plan to create a manufacturing plant for the cars, as some reports have suggested. In fact, it's the French automaker Renault that will apparently be making the car in Israel. But Agassi confided that he expects mass manufacturing of the car to start in 2010.He has not sought financing from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which may be just as well. The ministry's chief scientist, Eli Opper, is skeptical about the feasibility of electric car technology. für den vollständigen Bericht bitte auf den unten angegebenen Link klicken..


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