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China's new energy vehicle production rises rapidly

Chinese EV Sales Ranking in the First Half of 2015

Data from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers show that automakers based in the country sold 72,711 plug-in battery vehicles in the first six months of 2015, 240% more than the same period a year earlier. EV production jumped 250% to 76,233 units. According to China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), deliveries of China-made passenger EVs reached 50,627 in H1 2015, including 29,743 pure-electrics and 20,884 plug-in hybrids. In June CPCA recorded 12,366 sales of electric passenger cars, including 7,065 pure-electrics and 5,301 plug-in hybrids.

Below are the sales of the top-five EV-makers in H1 2015 (not including buses and trucks):

1. BYD, 19,789

2. Zotye, 9,260

3. BAIC EV, 5,892

4. Chery, 5,337

5. SAIC, 3,461

Sales of the top-ten best-selling EV models in H1 2015 are:

1. BYD Qin (plug-in hybrid), 16,477

2. BAIC EV 150/160/200 (E Series, pure-electric), 5,803

3. Zotye E20 (Zhidou E20, pure-electric), 4,913

4. Zotye Cloud 100 (pure-electric), 4,347

5. SAIC Roewe 550 Plug-in (plug-in hybrid), 3,321

6. Chery QQ EV (QQ3 EV, pure-electric), 3,208

7. BYD e6 (pure-electric), 2,900

8. JAC iEV (pure-electric), 2,591

9. Geely-Kandi Panda (pure-electric), 2,547

10. Chery eQ (pure-electric), 2,129

Sales of other notable EV models in H1 2015 are:

DENZA EV (pure-electric), 619

Venucia e30 (pure-electric), 453

BYD Tang (plug-in hybrid), 412

GAC Trumpchi GA5 REV (plug-in hybrid), 364

BMW 530Le (plug-in hybrid), 310

SAIC Roewe E50 (pure-electric), 140

BAIC ES210 (Senova EV, pure-electric), 89



Heisst in China der Tesla anders :eek:

von Manfred aus ObB - am 12.08.2015 14:05
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