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20 Jahre EVs in Norwegen (Mini Doku)

Startbeitrag von BdasB am 14.12.2015 08:58

20 Jahre EVs in Norwegen (Mini Doku)


The history of electric cars in Norway dates back some 20 years.

Thanks to Norsk elbilforening, we can see what happened during the past two decades.

It all begins in the early era of Th!nk City and Buddy, and then moves onto the establishing of the Norwegian electric vehicle association, and accelerating sales with the introduction of series produced models like Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Nissan LEAF and others.

As of today, there are around 70,000 all-electric cars in Norway and probably nearly 10,000 plug-in hybrids.

To achieve the current 20-plus percent market share for EVs, a series of actions were taken:

Final exemption sales tax (01.01.1996)
Exemption annual tax (01.01.1996)
Exemption road toll (01.06.1997)
EL registration plates (01.01.1999)
Exemption municipal parking (01.19.1999)
Reduced company taxation (01.01.2000, expanded in 2005 and 2009)
Zero VAT on purchase (01/07/2001)
Access to bus lanes (01.06.2005)
Free EV access to highway ferries (01.01.2009)
Climate agreement securing tax excemptions until 01.01.2018 (11.06.2012)
Zero VAT on leasing EVs or battery packs (01.07.2015)


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