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London's Iconic Black Cab Company Rebrands for Electric Future

Hundreds of London’s black cabs will start appearing on the roads of Amsterdam next year, powered by batteries instead of diesel fuel, marking the first international sale for Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd.’s new electric taxi.

Rotterdam Mobility Center agreed a 225-vehicle deal for the new all-electric hackney cab that will meet new pollution rules in the Dutch capital. It will be delivered from a factory near Coventry, England, in the first quarter of 2018, the companies said Tuesday.

The sale marks a new phase for London Taxi Co., which is planning to expand its reach beyond the U.K. with its new battery powered model called the TX that was designed in Barcelona and unveiled today.

From September, LTC will be renamed London EV Co. to reflect the 325 million-pound ($419 million) electrification investment by its Chinese owner Geely. That’s paid for new manufacturing equipment for taxis and vans that will meet pollution rules being introduced in London and other cities worldwide.


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