E.ON ‘Freedom is Electric’ - 10.000 Ladepunkte EU-weit bis2020

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Another ‘ultra-fast’ electric car charging network announced in Europe – but with 10,000 charge points

E.ON launches ‘Freedom is Electric’ campaign; targeting 10,000 charging points in Europe by 2020 

E.ON, an international, privately-owned energy supplier, has launched its ‘Freedom is Electric’ campaign to highlight the diversity of the world of electric vehicles, charged using E.ON’s fast-charging technology. E.ON is rolling out an ultra-fast charging network across Europe, offering 150kW, with a modular upgrade option to 350kW. The stations enable charging of a 400km-range battery in 20-30 minutes. E.ON is targeting 10,000 charging points throughout Europe by 2020.


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