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Hungary in great trouble – critical lack of labor force

Startbeitrag von Moderator. am 19.09.2017 07:09

Hungary in great trouble – critical lack of labor force

More and more companies struggle with the lack of labor force. The most recent data shows that the number of vacant jobs hit a historical height, as Világgazdaság reports. The Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH) revealed that Hungary’s lack of labor force is becoming critical. 48,460 empty jobs were registered in the private sector in the second quarter of the year, which means ten thousand new ones compared to the same time last year. It is also two and a half times more than four years before. National economy has 65,700 vacant jobs. Public sector does not give any fresh data since 2016, so KSH counts the numbers from the end of 2015. These show 14,510 unmanned positions.

There might be even more in the financial sector, as it also shows a tendency of increase. About 50,000 jobs are unfulfilled in the competition sector. This is critical for companies, as they are facing higher and higher lack in many sectors despite the lowering of requirements. And there are probably more unmanned positions than the statistics show. Experts estimate that Hungarian labor market could take 100,000-200,000 more skilled workers.

The most problematic sector is...............



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