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”Porn King” Gattyán is the Wealthiest Hungarian According to Forbes

Startbeitrag von Moderator. am 21.09.2017 13:55

Bericht uit 2014: ”Porn King” Gattyán is the Wealthiest Hungarian According to Forbes

According to Forbes magazine, Sándor Csányi is not the wealthiest Hungarian anymore. The head of OTP Bank has been overtaken by György Gattyán, the so-called ”porn king” who established his wealth by running internet sites with erotic content, and has recently moved his business to Luxemburg, hir24.hu reports. According to Forbes, which launched its Hungarian edition of the ’The 100 Richest people’ for the first time, Gattyán attained much of his gain due to [jasmin.com] an online sex site.

He is now the owner of several companies, for example Il Basilico di Stile, the building complex at Andrássy Street which sells luxurious fashion articles. The estimated wealth of the 44-year-old bussinessman is 174,3 billion forints (approximately 5,6 billion in euros), which means Gattyán owns15 billion forints more than Sándor Csányi, the second richest person of Hungary. Sándor Demján occupies the third place on the imaginary podium of Forbes magazine, and the fourth richest Hungarian is Gábor Széles, the owner of companies like Videoton and Magyar Hírlap.

There are many influental and well-known business personalities featured on the list, for example Lajos Simicska, the owner of Közgép, known for his closeness to government circles .

The list had been created with the use of.............


This is how one of the richest Hungarians lives – Photos


Porn king György Gattyán does it big yet again


The Forbes list of the richest Hungarians (2016)

The top 10 richest Hungarians:

Sándor Csányi – 283.1 billion

Lajos Bige – 182.1 billion

Sándor Demján – 176.1 billion

György Gattyán – 173.2 billion

Gábor Széles – 136.8 billion

László Szíjj – 119.3 billion

Tibor Veres – 109.3 billion

Zsolt Felcsuti – 100 billion

Lajos Kasza – 81.7 billion

György Wáberer – 79.3 billion


György Gattyán - Wikipedia:


György Gattyán


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