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Hungary Around the Clock - Korte nieuwsberichten

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Hungary Around the Clock - Korte nieuwsberichten

Electronic prescriptions from November

Electronic prescriptions will be introduced on November 1, the state health care supply centre ÁEEK announced on Wednesday.

Patients will still be able to use paper prescriptions, but the new system will also allow patients to purchase their drugs with the use of their identity documents and social security card, or with a national chip-ID card alone.

From November 1, all state-financed institutions will upload data to a central database that will be accessible to pharmacies.

Patients will no longer need to present hard copies of their medical records when visiting a new doctor, ÁEEK underlined.


Low voter turnout could lead to supermajority

Fidesz could obtain a two-thirds majority in next year’s parliamentary elections if the turnout is low, political scientist Béla Galló told the state-run M1 current affairs channel on Monday.

With a medium-scale turnout the current governing party could obtain a simple majority he added. ”If the turnout is high, the scale may swing, but even then there is still the question of how this divided opposition can group a relative majority under one political flag,” he said.

Galló expects a sharp campaign as the stakes are high: never has there been a party or a party alliance that was able to govern for three terms and never has the opposition been in such a poor position as now. The elections will be make or break for many ”small parties” as it will then turn out whether they can win seats in Parliament.


Kúria bans arbitrary use of handcuffs

Law enforcement officers may not use handcuffs if a detainee co-operates and shows no sign of wanting to flee or put up resistance, the Kúria has ruled, overturning a decision by the Public Administration and Labour Court.

Handcuffing someone, according to the Kúria, is not lawful even if only one police officer is in action.

The preventive use of handcuffs is also inconsistent with rulings by the European Court of Human Rights.

Utcajogász website had appealed to the Kúria after a police officer handcuffed a homeless person in 2015, although the man had shown no signs of fleeing or resisting, and even the police admitted that he had been co-operative throughout.

The man was taken in handcuffs to a police jail, where he was kept in detention for 72 hours.

Utcajogász said the Kúria ruling could set guidelines for police practice and curb the disproportionate and unnecessary use of handcuffs.


Over 800 migrants caught this year

Authorities have captured 806 migrants who entered Hungary illegally so far this year, deputy National Police chief Zsolt Halmosi told Parliament’s national defence and law enforcement committee on Monday.

The migrants were caught on the Ukrainian, Romanian, and Croatian borders.

Of the 3,000 border ranger positions, only 2,225 have been filled and another 248 cadets are in training, he said.


Orbán family has Ft 30mn mini-copter

The inventory necessary for the division into two companies of Gánt Kõ & Tõzeg, owned by the father, mother and younger brother of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, shows that they own a mini-helicopter that does not easily fit into the profile of the company, Magyar Nemzet reports.

The Orbán family withdrew Ft 1.2 billion in dividends from their companies in May.

Gánt Kõ & Tõzeg produces peat in Zala county, among other activities, and will probably be more profitable this year, because there is only one competitor left in the region since May, due to environmental regulations, Index writes.

According to the inventory, Gánt Kõ & Tõzeg did not need such a vehicle for selling dolomite and peat but may have bought the gyrocopter in 2013.

The accounts indicate that the company may have purchased the vehicle for more than Ft 30 million in new condition.


Jobbik starts re-pasting billboards

Jobbik has started to re-paste its anti-Fidesz ads on its billboards in Eger, after government personnel removed them on Friday under police escort.

Ads portraying Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, his advisor Árpád Habony, Felcsút mayor Lõrincz Mészáros and Cabinet Office Minister Antal Rogán as gangsters appeared on billboards last week. The government ordered them removed, claiming that they are illegal.

Jobbik spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki that the billboards are legal.

Hungary is not North Korea, even if Viktor Orbán wants it to be, he added.


Hungarian billboard war between Fidesz and Jobbik escalates

Hungarian opposition party Jobbik launched a new billboard campaign featuring stylised images of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, calling him a gangster, but the posters may soon be removed from the streets by the government, which says they breach regulations, Hungarian media reported on September 27.

Hungary’s parliament approved legislation in the spring banning the use of political billboard posters outside campaign periods. The transparency bill, as it was referred to by governing parties, was drawn up to block covert party financing, but critics said it was aimed at silencing the opposition.

Jobbik, which has toned down its far-right rhetoric, positioning itself to the centre and putting anti-corruption at the core of its political agenda, launched a scathing billboard campaign in April, featuring images of Orban surrounded by oligarch Lorinc Meszaros, who is seen as the proxy to the prime minister.

Jobbik, in an attempt to outsmart the act on billboards, has become.........



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