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Curia upholds ruling on abolishing school segregation in Kaposvár

Startbeitrag von Moderator. am 06.10.2017 10:32

Curia upholds ruling on abolishing school segregation in Kaposvár

Hungary’s highest court the Curia upheld a lower court’s ruling Wednesday that ordered the closure and desegregation of the Pécsi Street Elementary School in Kaposvár, abcug.hu reports.

According to the Curia’s ruling, the school is forbidden from starting new classes, and Roma children from the nearby, segregated neighborhood of Szentjakab who have been attending the school must be transferred to other schools in Kaposvár.

Roma students of the Pécsi Street Elementary have been unlawfully segregated for years. They received an education that resulted in a far higher rate of class failures than in schools with regular curriculum. The students’ results in the national competence survey, and the rate of students who went on to continue their educations, also fell behind the average of other Kaposvár schools. Moreover, the student body at Pécsi Street Elementary is the smallest in the area, so transferring its students would not have put an undue burden on other schools.

For these reasons, the Chance For Children Foundation (CFCF) filed a lawsuit against the Kaposvár council, which at the time administered the school, in 2013. Although the NGO, which advocates for equal opportunities for Roma, won the lawsuit in 2016, nothing has changed since the final ruling and the school has since been attended nearly exclusively by Roma children.

This summer mayor Károly Szita attempted to............


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