Brussels is implementing the Soros Plan

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Brussels is implementing the Soros Plan

According to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the “Brussels machine” is implementing George Soros’s plan in relation to immigration, but in the National Consultation on “ The Soros Plan” the Hungarians can send Brussels the message that they are standing up for national interests.

Speaking this morning on the Kossuth Radio programme “180 Minutes”, the Prime Minister said: “George Soros has bought people and organisations, and Brussels is under his influence; they want to demolish the fence, allow millions of immigrants into Europe, then distribute them using a mandatory mechanism; and they want to punish those who do not comply”.

Events in Brussels are progressing exactly as in the plan published by George Soros, Mr. Orbán continued, saying that “this is a kind of plan”, but Hungary “is not a nation of fools”, and cannot pretend that “events simply happen by accident”.

The Prime Minister stated that “We have revealed the fact that a Soros Plan exists, which in fact is something which the author himself has also admitted”, and “we have placed it at the centre of political life”.

In relation to the National Consultation on “The Soros Plan”, the Prime Minister said that “If Hungary wants to protect its interests, then everyone in Brussels must feel that the great majority of those in Hungarian society who are prepared to voice their opinion stand up for national interests and for what the Government also represents”.

Commenting on reform proposals related to the future of the EU, the Prime Minister pointed out that while plans are being devised on the European Union’s future, “the Schengen system is turning to dust in our hands”, and instead of the EU’s external borders being protected, internal borders are being erected. To underpin this point, he cited the proposal that Member States should have the right to reinstate border controls within the Schengen Area for a period of three years. In this way, he observed, Europe is once again involved in restricting the free movement of workers.

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