The prosecutor’s office has ordered an investigation against Jobbik

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The prosecutor’s office has ordered an investigation against Jobbik

The prosecutor’s office has ordered an investigation against Jobbik based on a petition by the State Audit Office of Hungary, reports Magyar Nemzet.

According to prosecutor Bettina Bagoly, the Budapest 11th and 22nd district attorneys ordered an investigation against an unknown offender on Friday. The launch of the investigation is based on information received from the State Audit Office of Hungary (ÁSZ) which, “due to a serious suspicion of failure to fulfill obligations in connection with the audit,” petitioned the investigation. The District Attorney has tasked the National Bureau of Investigation (NNI) with conducting the investigation. The investigation’s deadline is December 6, 2017, however, if it is found to be justified, the investigation can be prolonged.

ÁSZ released a statement Tuesday in which it disclosed that it had attempted to begin an audit of Jobbik on August 10. However, the radical-right party reportedly did not cooperate, whereupon ÁSZ turned to the prosecutor’s office. Jobbik later refuted ÁSZ’s claims in a statement, arguing that the party “would still cooperate with the State Audit Office if it wasn’t being obstructed by a political order.”

“Only stinking third-world dictatorships force public institutions to try to get even with the leading force of the opposition,” said leader of Jobbik’s parliamentary delegation János
Volner at a press conference in front of ÁSZ’s office Tuesday.

Volner stressed that............



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