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Interview with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in the newspaper Bihari Napló

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Interview with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in the newspaper Bihari Napló

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán visited Oradea (Nagyvárad in Hungarian) on 2 October. At the Partium Christian University he attended a ceremony marking the beginning of the academic year and inauguration of a new building for the University. Following the event he gave an exclusive interview to the newspaper Bihari Napló.

István W. Rais: The parliamentary election in Hungary next spring will be the second in which votes will be cast by Hungarians from beyond the borders who have gained Hungarian citizenship in accelerated procedures. What do you think is the significance of this?

Viktor Orbán: Around the world there are nations with different fates and characters. A Hungarian only feels safe and secure when he or she maintains a link with other Hungarians. While Hungarians tend to be individualists, they also have a desire to be closely connected with each other. But once they are connected, they want to make sure that no one tells them what to think or what to do. If the Hungarians living in the Carpathian Basin and in scattered communities are not connected together, the entire Hungarian nation lacks a sense of its strength and lacks self-confidence. The Hungarian nation’s self-confidence began to increase the moment we bound together the nation’s individual parts and found ways to connect Hungarians living in scattered communities to the bloodstream of a united Hungarian nation. It gained a greater sense of security and greater drive, and economically we have also started to improve.

For the Hungarian people, national awareness, strength and self-esteem are closely linked to economic performance and competitiveness. Almost everywhere around the world Hungarian communities have also clearly been financially better-off ever since unification of the nation reached the important stage of everyone being able to acquire Hungarian citizenship, and therefore take part in the adoption of the most important joint decisions. This is why I encourage Hungarians beyond the borders to register before next spring’s parliamentary election, and I call on everyone to vote. I propose that we move on together on the path that we’ve opened up together.

István W. Rais: What further policy objectives for Hungarian communities abroad do you have that also relate to Hungarians in the Partium region and Transylvania?

Viktor Orbán: We must create a standardised system of education in the Hungarian language, from crèche all the way to university, including a standardised vocational training system. Not only should we study and promote academic subjects together, but also trades, as Hungary has important industrial traditions. A great many of these traditions have survived, and lately have even gained in strength. I myself have had the opportunity to inaugurate a vocational training institution in Kolozsvár.

We must also preserve our...........



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