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We are protecting Europe’s external borders and enabling the internal borders to remain open

Startbeitrag von Moderator. am 18.10.2017 11:46

We are protecting Europe’s external borders and enabling the internal borders to remain open

On Tuesday, at the official foundation stone ceremony for a new bridge over the Danube at Komárom (Komárno), Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said: “Let this new Danube bridge at Komárom be a symbol of the fact that we are protecting Europe’s external borders and enabling the internal borders to remain open”.

“The construction of this bridge is proof that the Hungarians and Slovakians believe in a Europe that is open and freely accessible to European citizens”, he added.

“Visegrád Group [V4] cooperation is based on strong foundations, because the countries of Central Europe have leaders who think not only of their own countries, but also in terms of Central Europe”, he declared.

The Prime Minister said that “It is our firm belief that those who think and act in terms of Central Europe are doing something good for all four countries of the V4, and are also doing something good for all of Europe”. He added that “It is also thanks to this that Slovakia and Hungary have recently found common ground, both in politics and the economy”.

Mr. Orbán declared that the two nations can be even more successful if they establish further links along their borders. “The greatest beneficiaries of this will be settlements along the two countries’ borders and the people who live there”, he pointed out.

The Prime Minister observed that over the past three years six new links have been established between Slovakia and Hungary, and that the inauguration of the freight ferry means that the average distance between border crossing points has been reduced to ten kilometres. He noted, however, that this is still far less than the distance of 2–4 kilometres that is characteristic of Western Europe, so “we have a lot of work to do in future”. Mr. Orbán thanked Slovakian prime minister Robert Fico for the joint work the two countries have completed in recent years.

The tender for the construction of the new bridge was won by the H-M DUNAHÍD consortium, the members of which are Hídépítő Zrt. and Mészáros and Mészáros Kft. The net construction cost is 91.2 million euros, and the new bridge and its new approach road sections are expected to be opened in autumn 2019.

Once the new road bridge is completed, freight traffic will be able to...........


Construction of bridge connecting Slovakia and Hungary launched



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