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Viktor Orban's favorite mayor goes on a shopping spree

Startbeitrag von Moderator. am 26.10.2017 13:46

Viktor Orban's favorite mayor goes on a shopping spree

Lorinc Meszaros is no ordinary mayor. He runs a village in Hungary. He also owns publishers, hotels, a nuclear engineering firm and a bank. His shopping list is believed to be written by Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Meszaros's businesses only really became successful after a falling out between the prime minister and Lajos Simicska, the former treasurer of Fidesz, who had been a close friend of Orban's since his youth. Since Simicska, once the country's most successful businessman — at least in terms of winning public procurements between 2010 and 2015 — fell out of favor, Meszaros's companies have become the best performers in Hungary's business landscape.

When asked about the secret of this economic miracle, Meszaros listed three factors that he said led to the increase of his fortune: "God, luck and Viktor Orban."

Among the wealthiest Hungarians

Meszaros is the mayor of Felcsut, the village where Viktor Orban grew up. For many years, he worked as a gasfitter. In 2006, the one company he owned was worth less than €33,000 ($39,000). Last year, his wealth was estimated at €7.8 million.

Earlier in 2017, a popular publication that lists the "richest Hungarians" estimated that his wealth exceeded €390 million, making him the fifth-richest Hungarian — and this was before his companies' shares started soaring...........


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