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Memory Extension Board

Startbeitrag von Michael Schoettner am 08.09.2016 12:14

Dear Dennis & all,

I have just tested my memory extension board. Computer still starting up :xcool:

However, I have a question regarding the copyroms Test.
My setup is as follows:
- CPU, MemoryBoard+Ext, Multi-I/O (Serial ports and keyboard pcb), Interrupt-Controller.
- Remotefs is running on a Windows Machine connected to COM2 of the myCPU.

When I execute copyroms within the remotefs directory it unpacks the OS and reboots.

However, I get again the boot menu from remotefs.

What shall I select here?

I have only 640k free (funny, like MSDOS).
Does this make sense? See attached pic.

Thank you & greetings,

[attachment 66 mem.jpg]


Hi Michael,

Congratulations, your computer has just passed the test :-)

The copy-ROMs-test copies the EPROMs into RAM memory and reboots the Computer. If the computer reboots successfully without hanging or crashing, your computer has passed the test. And it makes sense that you have less memory free after reboot, since 160 kB RAM is used by the copy of the OS ROMs.


von Dennis Kuschel - am 09.09.2016 09:39
That's great :rp:

Just as a follow up as it might be useful for someone else in the future.

My screenshot with the 640 KB free memory was after the initial boot. There is also a RAMdisk installed with 320 KB. So around 960 KB memory which makes sense.

After executing 'copyrooms' via the remoteFS and rebooting for the second time, free memory is 480 KB (+320 KB RAMdisk), so exactly 160 KB less, so in line with your explanation.

Thank you,


von Michael Schoettner - am 10.09.2016 13:45
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