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Hoping to build a myCPU....could I use stripboards?

Startbeitrag von Evan Jones am 12.10.2016 04:52


I would love to build a myCPU, but I was hoping to use stripboards instead of PCBs, and try to replicate the PCBs as closely as I can. Would this work?



Hi Evan,
yes, this could work. But you should use only the slow 74HC-parts, no 74AC-parts. The ACs need special care and a very good PCB layout. You should target a system frequency of 4 MHz, higher frequencies may work but it highly depends on the quality of your work.

von Dennis Kuschel - am 13.10.2016 13:25
Thank you!

I should probably use PCBs. I started looking for some of the integrated circuits for the CPU. Is ordering from Texas Instruments a good choice? I searched for a 74AC00 and they had SN74AC00s. are these the same thing?

Thank you for the help!

von Evan Jones - am 13.10.2016 14:45
74AC00 and SN74AC00 are the same part. TI's chips have all the prefix "SN". But as I sayed before - please use only the 74HC / SN74HC parts !

von Dennis Kuschel - am 14.10.2016 07:48
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