Project: Random number generator

Startbeitrag von Robin Tönniges am 21.03.2017 12:41

Hi folks,

I've finished a new project.
A hardware random number generator based on the work of Aaron Logue.

It features 2 independend noise generators who constantly feed 4 shift registers to create 2x 16bit random numbers.

More information and all project files you'll find here.


Hi Robin,
nice project. I like also your small program that displays the histogram :-)
But you must keep in mind that this is a real simple random number generator whose randomness is not good enough for cryptogaphy. With some better "driver-" software you could increase randomness so the histogram gets more equal (the first step would be to take the outputs of both random noise sources - not only from one ;-))

Thumbs up !

von Dennis Kuschel - am 22.03.2017 13:28
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