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Regarding parts for MyCPU.

Startbeitrag von William Trammell am 25.09.2017 19:01

Hello, all! I am currently having trouble finding some parts for my CPU. The parts I am mainly having trouble with are the 16C550/85C550, 27C010/27C1001-60ns, 27C64/27C256-100ns, 27C256-80ns, 27C801/27C080-100ns, and 62256-80ns. I believe I have found a replacement for the 16C550 in the PC16550DN/NOPB, but I am not sure. Also, what size of standoffs do I need for the boards? I apologise if it is a large list, but I can't even find equivalent parts for these. Also, I am going to post any other construction-related questions here, Dennis, so that I am not blowing up your email as much.


Hi William,

I don't really know about western dealers, but I have something better instead.

Now I am in China and there's a great online shopping platform called Taobao. I bought all required parts there(even all 74AC parts and EPROM) with fair prices. You may try it out by using international shipping from the third parties. Several weeks may be needed to carry your ICs, but it's also a solution.

However, there's also a limitation: only a little countries/regions are supported. These countries/regions include Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. It's also possible to use SF Express' International Shipping to almost every country, but it's far more expensive.

If you need more information about it, please tell me about your confusion&questions. I'm willing to help ;-)

Good luck,

von Wang Yiyang - am 16.12.2017 09:26
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