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Low cost alternative to the DIN 41612 / Eurocard Connector

Startbeitrag von William Buchholz am 29.03.2015 16:40

One of the most expensive parts of the MyCPU is the backplane bus. Surplus Eurocard cages are prohibitvely expensive. The next best thing is using ribbon cable and IDC connectors to make the backplane which is what most people seem to be doing. While 64 conductor ribbon cable is cheap, the connectors are still very costly.

Male connector, $3.90 each: Harting 09031647921

Female connector, $15.90 each: Harting 09032646828

So for 8 parts altogether to connect the base system is over $150 CAD.

I found some surplus parts on eBay (like this) but these were still very expensive. Finally I found a vendor, Phoenix Enterprises that sells DIN 41612 connectors for about half the price of Digikey/Mouser/Farnell but they do not ship to Canada.

I decided to build my own adapter:

The PCB costs $24 ($19 USD) for 10 boards from Seeedstudio.

Ten female 64-pin IDC conectors from eBay for $18.

Ten male 64-pin right angle connectors from eBay for $25.

Free shipping is available for those three parts. I used some surplus long pin header connectors to make the connection to the other row, but wire can be used instead to save on cost. When I bought these last year the Canadian dollar was much higher, so the cost was less than the $67 calculated above. Anyway it still ended up being one of the most expensive parts of construction but still much cheaper than the alternative.


Hi WilliamB,

I did not knew that these connectors are so expensive outside germany. I bought all the DIN 41612 connectors at a local electronics store, and the prices are:

64pin right angle male connector: 1.51 CAD
64pin ribbon cable female connector: 6.25 CAD

But anyway, your solution is a nice (and cheap) variant at least for canadians.
Thank you for sharing the idea !

von Dennis Kuschel - am 29.03.2015 17:22
Probably because the standard originated in Europe there were very few vendors that used them here. I hink the pre-PowerPC Macintoshes used them for the expansion bus.

Despite the extra effort, I was glad to go with the cheaper connector as I made some mistakes crimping the cable. It is good to have a spare part or two when you don't have a professional crimping tool.

von William Buchholz - am 30.03.2015 23:27
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