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Board Stacking Connectors

Startbeitrag von Dennis Kuschel am 20.09.2015 09:56

Hi all,

Because the wire-wrap stacking connectors that I have used to stack the MyCPU PCBs are very hard to get (even my own source Conrad Electronic does not purchase them any more) I have started an inquiry on my website. Some of you replied to me, and here is the result.

You can get fitting headers to stack the PCBs at this sources:

[www.reichelt.de], Part.No. AW-226-20/G
The manufacturer is www.assmann-wsw.com, part-no. AW-226-20/G, maybe you can get it through other distributors than Reichelt Electronic.

The manufacturer is www.precidip.com, part-no. 316-PP-1NN-41-XXX101. Search on digikey for 316-87-110-41-011101.
(Note: The pins are slightly thicker than the holes in the PCB, so the holes need to get drilled out a bit).

Arduino-style connectors (no precision sockets, so only as backup option):

Please write a follow-up if you know another source for this kind of connectors.



I want to build my own "MyCPU"

has somebody tested for example the "BL 18 219 .." from [www.fischerelektronik.de] for board stacking ?

von Maik Renkert - am 05.07.2016 17:42
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