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Robbed at gunpoint on the road between San Pedro La Laguna and Santiago

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Robbed at gunpoint on the road between San Pedro La Laguna and Santiago Atitlan GPS -14.629089, -91.268843 . Footage caught on head-cam of my British girlfriend and I (Canadian) being robbed on my motorcycle as we headed back to San Pedro La Laguna from Antigua. April 10, 2014. The guy ahead of us ran out of the bushes and pointed a gun at us, the guy to the right had a machete.

We have uploaded this video clip to serve as a warning to other travelers about taking this road. Robberies happen in Guatemala and this particular spot is apparently notorious... However, we don't want to in any way put people off from visiting San Pedro La Laguna or Guatemala in general as it's a beautiful place with generally warm and kind inhabitants. We have felt safe for the majority of our trip.


Robbed in Guatemala. Gun and machete


Dan Landsborough



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