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La Palapa, Panajachel Party Hostel and Bar - Smokin' Joes' BBQ

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La Palapa | Pana's Party Hostel

Whether its our famous burgers and sandwiches, inexpensive drinks or one of the best parties in all of Guatemala, guests return again and again to La Palapa, Panajachel's favorite bar, restaurant and party hostel.

Bar and Restaurant

La Palapa is Panajachel's home bar and restaurant. We serve the best food in town ranging from thick, delicious burgers with all the toppings to Smokin' Joes' BBQ every Saturday afternoon. Stop by anytime for a meal you won't forget and the best drinks in town.

Panajachel's Party Hostel

La Palapa party hostel puts you in the center of the action in Lago de Atitlan's hub city, Panajachel. We are ideally located just past where Santander meets Calle Principal in the heart of Pana. Our dorm beds are the ideal accommodation for those looking to have a great time in Pana...




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