El brake problem

Startbeitrag von Nikki am 06.12.2006 17:46

Hello from England again.

I have had an intermittent problem with my brake light.

It is not the original switch on the pedal - it is one which is connected to a separate large switch (I think so it is legal in the UK)

I have tested the switch and think it is okay - but seem to be getting an intermittent broken circuit on the brake light between where the switch is and the lights.

Where do the wires run for the brake light? I am wanting to test them for continuity!

I have also had problems with the water jet for the windscreen. The pump is fine but I seem to have no power to it. Perhaps they share a common earth? Does anyone have any suggestions for either or both problem?



I have just done over 300 miles in my El since buying it 3 weeks ago!


hallo nikki,
first of all I cannot understand, why there are two brake light switches on your El.
You need only one switch. The breakswitch above the breakpedal is the original one. There are two cables on this switch. Conect this two cables and the brake light must light up. If it does the switch is broken.
regards Karl

von Karl Zorman - am 06.12.2006 18:34
Hello Nikki

The Brake-Light and the water jet have the same Fuse F3.

Check the Fuse F3 it is a 10A Typ.

Best from Swiss


von Max Mausser - am 06.12.2006 20:00
Ah! This makes sense now!

Does the main light share a different fuse? Perhaps it is a bad fuse!


von Nikki - am 06.12.2006 21:31
Hello Nikki

Yes the Main Light Fuse is not the same
Main Light Fuse is F2 (10A)

The Red Parking light (in the back of the City-El) and the small Lights in the front of the car have Fuse1 (10A)

Best from Swiss


von Max Mausser - am 06.12.2006 21:44
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