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Replace 80/70-16 Reifen with 80/80-16 ?

Startbeitrag von jnd am 15.12.2008 13:24


Can i replace 80/70-16 Reifen with 80/80-16 ?
What do you think?

Here in Bulgaria nowhere don`t have 80/70-16.. Only 80/80-16 Reifen.

I have no choice..



sorry but you cant.

Not enough Space between Tire and El.

I have tested it in Spring this year.

Tires with the Dimensions 2 1/4 x 16 will fit. Cheap but....
But they are not specified for El's and they wont last very long.
My Test-Tires last about 3000 km's.

Best regards - Thomas

von Halreuther - am 16.12.2008 09:06
Woow what can i do?


von jnd - am 16.12.2008 09:37
hey !

You can't use 80/80... no Way ;o))

So - what u can - dont know ;o))

Get the right Tires - the only way to
drive safely with best performance...

Regards - Thomas with bad english from Leverkusen ;o))

von Halreuther - am 16.12.2008 11:34
Where to buy?

Who will ship to Bulgaria?

I can pay only with bank swift transfer.

von jnd - am 16.12.2008 11:55
Kann ihm den keiner die Reífen kaufen und nach Überweisung zusenden?

von J. Affeldt - am 16.12.2008 12:50
Hi jnd, i suggest you to contact Peter Juergens.
www . bastelwastel24 . de

This guy is one of our el-gurus, the incarnation of knowledge. If there should be problems, we have to find a different way to get the tires to bulgaria.

Greetings from Germany, Sascha

von Sascha Meyer - am 16.12.2008 15:30

Peter Juergens

UPS is best way ,Peter Juergens to send this tyres to me. Site don`t ofer ups shipping.I must talk to mr. Juergens.

This is the mail: CityEl_Freunde_Peine@msn.com

von jnd - am 16.12.2008 16:01

According to the Licence papers from my EL 80/80/16 is only allowed on the rear weels.
On the front weel there is not enough space for these size if you put a distance disk between the spring and the Mounting of the front weel it may work.

Best Regards


von R.M - am 16.12.2008 17:54

I didn't know, that it is possible to use 80/80/16 tires on the rear wheels.
Isn't it more comfortable to use these tires instead of the original

Does anybody of you have experiences with those tires?
What about the power-consumption?


von d!rk - am 19.12.2008 09:46
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