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Question about diode . DC/DC . 10A fuse burning

Startbeitrag von jnd am 18.06.2009 14:15


This is the story:

I was plug to charge batteryes, but my friend turn off emergency button and disconect " + " .... 10A Fuse burn. -------------------------
Now i don`t have lights, heater , and winkers.
I find at first look that this dode (Red ARROW point it on the picture) is dead.
Can you tell me what is the parameters of this diode?


This is what is writen on the diode :

St 1.5(may be 15) , 6.2A (may be 62) CB 46


1N4001, 1N4007 or any stadard diode which can stand the occuring current would be the right for replacement...
Wolfgang Siebert

PS: Burning a fuse normally indicates a fault. Please check before replacing diode.

von Wolfgang Siebert - am 18.06.2009 14:47


Thank you so much !

How Ampers must be?


von jnd - am 18.06.2009 14:51
You are welcome,

please read my "edit/PS" before doing any action.

Best regards

von Wolfgang Siebert - am 18.06.2009 14:59

How Ampers must be?

I don't really know. But a high current diode will work even under low current conditions. A low current diode will blow under high current conditions. The difference are some cents...
Best regards

von Wolfgang Siebert - am 18.06.2009 15:10
Hi !

You mean that may be there we have more elements damaged ? Not only this diode...

I understand this part with high current diodes. :)

When i disconnect all wires from DC/DC and put new fuse to the place it don`t burn .


Everithing is ok.

No problem animore.


von jnd - am 18.06.2009 17:00

Its a Surpressor diode whitch protects the circuit from over voltage, replace it only with th same type, otherwise you will remove the protection of the circuit, there are two of these diodes on the DCDC board with 62V and on of it ist on the Relaisboard with a voltage of 15V.

I have some of these diodes available, its a standart type, i will solder one out of the DCDC to be sure that its the correct type



von R.M - am 20.06.2009 16:15
Europe never will grow together, when the Postal charges will stay es high...
Not erveryone will provide a supressor diode. The "1007" would be completely wrong then.
Much too slow and completely other type, 1 Ampere instead of some hundred ones at an higher Voltage 62V. A Zener Diode would NOT be okay then, too. Perhaps a Varistor, if the supressor diode was nor available.

von Bernd Schlueter - am 21.06.2009 05:24
I put there diode tipe:

SF35 300V 3A UFM1.25/3A IFM125A IR5uA 35nS, Super Fast

Work for now..

von jnd - am 21.06.2009 07:40

Even if it works you should use the correct type, I put in two links where You can download the Datasheets of the diodes.

A break through voltage that is to high can damage the circuit






von R.M - am 21.06.2009 09:06

Did this shop [www.reichelt.de] will send this diode(1,5KE 68CA) to me . To Sofia, Bulgaria?

Roman, if you want you can send to me one or two diodes, i will pay the price for transport and diodes. My mail is jnd@mail.bg .

von jnd - am 21.06.2009 10:58
Standard charge for a letter to Bulgaria is 70 Cents. Roman, are You near to a shop?
I was rather astonished that there should be that much too slow 1N4007 near to that ferrite transformer.
Roman is the greatest!

von Bernd Schlueter - am 21.06.2009 11:34

Bernd das ist kein Problem, ich hab das Zeug zu Hause außerdem ist eine Bestellung von Reichelt gerade an mich unterwegs.

Die Dioden in 15V und 68V Ausführung hab ich eigentlich auf Touren immer dabei.



von R.M - am 21.06.2009 12:07
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