Thrige titan, toothbelt or chain drive

Startbeitrag von henrik gade am 27.09.2009 20:16

Hi All

i want to rebuild my cityel to toothbelt or chain drive, what dó you Think Will be the Best solution?

The toothbelt dó not make so much noise As the chain.


Hi Henrik,

proven solutions only exist for chain drives. Furthermore, the needed gear ratio for the Thrige motor is so high that it is difficult to find toothed belt sprockets with the needed low tooth count (10-13). The Gates "Poly Chain Carbon" belt starts at 22 teeth for the smallest stock sprocket, which is already too much to build the needed gear ratio in one stage.

There would be chances for the Perm motor, though. A possible gear ratio would be 22/80 with an 8mm pitch.

Chain drive solutions, on the other hand, are proven and can be bought from stock.

Just my 2 cents, hope it helps.

Regards, Jochen

von jbl - am 27.09.2009 21:05
Hello Henrik!

As Jochen pointed out, there are several chain-drive solutions that really do work.

I think the toothed belt - solution is worth a thought though.

I have already altered the transmission on a toothbelt-driven wheelchair, although I do not recall the number of teeth on the motor-sprocket. In my memory it was not much bigger in diameter than the chain motor sprocket I am currently using on my El with a Thrige Titan-motor.

The big wheel of the Chaindrive can be cut by a water cutting device quite accurately.

Greetings, Sebastian

von nelareg - am 28.09.2009 19:50
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