f4 perm motor rotation direction

Startbeitrag von henrikga am 22.10.2014 12:01


I have bought a f4 city el from 2007. I took The motor apart, so i could change The bearings and The brushes.

How do i adjust The brush holder for The most optimal setting?

Is i True that The motor runs The oposite Wayne of The recommanded direction?

Is it easy to turn The motor?



There a two ways to turn the motor. the first is to remove the motormount an remount it in the opposite direction.

You then have to use the notch for the Thrige to mount the chainweel, but you must modify the notch and make it a little bit longer.

The second way ist to turn the whole axle then you have to modify the battery case.

Adjusting is very easy. Connect 12 V to the motor without any load and adjust the brush holder so that the current is minimal.

Be carefull its only a few mm for ajusting and check the current during fastening the brush holder, you may have do readjust during the fastening.

Kind regards


von R.M - am 22.10.2014 16:30
Thanks a lot

Is there enough benefit when mounting the motor the opposite way when I drive it on 48volts?

von henrikga - am 22.10.2014 16:40

The cooling is much better if the motor runs in the right direction.

Check the glue under the nut on the motor axle. if there are gaps then fill it, otherwise you will get a short circuit between axle and the brush slots.


von R.M - am 22.10.2014 16:46
Hei roman

Can you show me on the picture where I should clue it.
[attachment 820 20141022_200807-2.jpg]
[attachment 821 20141022_200827-1.jpg]

von henrikga - am 22.10.2014 19:03
that would interest me now
best wishes

von Horst Hobbie - am 23.10.2014 04:14

On the first picture between the collector and the axle the black part is made of resin and fibers.

If there are gaps in it, the abrasive dust of the brushes will get into the gaps and make a short circuit.

Horst has seen what happens when this effect occurs on my EL. al lot of smoke that came out of the cable duct, we first thougt is was some bad isolation but is was the motor.

I have repaired it but i need a new brush holder.


von R.M - am 23.10.2014 06:00
Thanks. i will clean it, and fill gaps with clue. how hot does the part get. is it okay with 120 degreeds clue

von henrikga - am 23.10.2014 07:47
Hi Henrik,

I have done it 2011 with my F4 CityEL
Here a link where some Fotos shown LINK

More Cooling and in my opinion little more effective (very little less current)

regards Ben

von Ben-EL - am 23.10.2014 20:51
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