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suche Meg oder Thiesen ladegerãt

Startbeitrag von henrikga am 17.11.2014 17:15

I,am looking for the meg charger or the thirteen charger. Please mail me your price.



I am willing to pay 200 euro for a thiesen or meg charger ;-)

von henrikga - am 10.12.2014 16:37

write him a mail,
and dont vergot to haggle act for x- max :-)
best wishes

ho ho ho ho

von Horst Hobbie - am 11.12.2014 04:06

Thanks for the info.

He doesn't answer he's email, and the advert is 3 years old

von henrikga - am 11.12.2014 05:23
Hi Hendrik,

send an E-Mail to GFE Axel Schwabedissen,

he has any carger in his Factory.

greetings from Tom in Beckum

von Tomfe - am 11.12.2014 08:35
i get my emails return, with the error user unknow..

von henrikga - am 11.12.2014 08:54
Hi Hendrik,

the Website is offline, at the moment.

you can phone him


greetings Tom

von Tomfe - am 11.12.2014 14:12
Write a mail to the company Thiesen, they have the good Thiesen Charger on stock! and they are happy if they can provide it to you.


And don't!!!! search the MEG Charger, this is the baddest charger I know!

von Sven Salbach - am 12.12.2014 08:47
Hi Sven

Www.thiesen.com has 3 weeks delivery time, I need one asap: -)

I have a unit from krabatt, it was a little expensive but I will get it quick.

Why is the meg so bad? The thiesen can't float charge the batteys like the meg charger can.

von henrikga - am 12.12.2014 20:04
That correct, but only if it's new..after a linger time it sometimes don't switch off, doesn't switch on or whatever.
The MEG Charger is the only one I know, where really nothing works well.
The Thiesen normaly works fine, mostly, if there is any proble, a cold soldering was the fault, and damaged other things.
But a few Megs charger seems to work....maybe you are one of the happy ones ;-)

von Sven Salbach - am 12.12.2014 22:00
Hey Sven, did you forget to make spelling mistakes:-) because of the NSA, now they will discover what you're thinking ...

my El running at the moment better than a new, just how long:-)?

von Horst Hobbie - am 12.12.2014 23:45

von wotan,der ältere - am 13.12.2014 05:59
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