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how do i change the front sprocket ?

Startbeitrag von BobDeere am 18.05.2015 14:20

Hi folks.
Robert from Sweden here.
my car is registered as a moped and therefore the 17 cogs front sprocket.
ordered a new one with 19 cogs from Denmark with chain etc..
great parts and cheap too !!

i have a small problem now.. i cant remember how to assemble the front sprocket.
the inner sleeve goes inside the sprocket .. not problem about that..
but then comes the hard bit..i have only:

3 holes in the sleeve " 1 of them goes trough and the other 2 just half"
3 holes in the sprocket " 2 goes trough and just 1 is a half"

and 2 small screws..

please help.. :-)


first, you put the big outer one and then the inner one on top..then you only need the 2 holes , because the 3rd is only for disassembling.
Then if you it together, I normaly heat it with a flame and then I screw down it again.
Or you can do that without heat after 2000 to 3000km without flame, than that works too

von Sven Salbach - am 18.05.2015 17:24
Thanks Sven.
i managed to fit the sprockets. and its a very cleaver one little gizmo :-)
basically if you look close you cant put it wrong!
the hole are not symetrical so you can only mount it one way.. cool..

now i have another question.. chain aligment..
i need to have the chain in a straight line against the rear sprocket.
is it a way to do that ? otherwise i was thinking to just see how the chain looks with my eyes
and that the front/rear sprockets runs free..

chain tensioner..?
is it a thing like that? i cant see one,, the chain itself is not too tight.. i think
i have a play of maybe 5-10 mm up and down

btw. do i need to loctite the screews ?

von BobDeere - am 19.05.2015 04:15
The chain should not be too tight! 10mm ist good, to tight and you got problems with the bearings and so on!
The chain..I do it often with my Eyes..or finger...no problems since 80.000km..
Do you habe the duplex or simplex chain?
With simplex it is more important that the chain is straight
I only use lictice the soft one for the Taper lock not for the other screws.

von Sven Salbach - am 19.05.2015 06:01
its a duplex chain. I ordered a new one that i have to cut today
ill do that with an angle grinder..

i bought the car last year and only test it for a few 100 meters..
it works.. now i have fitted led batteries " yes i know Li-po are better :-)"
but those one where cheap "500 € for the 3" and 4 year warranty
ill buy another one after i have alter the cage

i think it was register as moped with 17 front cogs sprocket " now 19"
at the rear 70 or something
it have the last type of motor and made 1995

so it will be fun to see what it goes for..i

von BobDeere - am 19.05.2015 07:20
With the new Motor the Perm PMG132 you can drive with Leac Acid Batteries no Problem..Then you have the Thiesen Charger..I drove 13.000km with that and the BAtteries can drive about 25km to 30km the last days :-)

But you need AGM Batteries!! and then you have to check the Charger..you have to switch it to .Champion AGM otherwise you will kill the cells in about 4000-7000km

von Sven Salbach - am 19.05.2015 07:30
i have bought AGM batteries..pay only 1500 sek " approx 160 €" each for 70 amps

for the charger i was thinking using the small "inteligent" one i bought at Lidl
they where cheap and a nice good feedback..
i hope i can use them.

I not so much to drive long since i have my other cars.
these will be my "post package car" when i drive to the village 1-2 times each days
5 km each way

im more concern to the speed.. 60 is ok.. but 70-80 would be better..
but for doing that i must work on the car a lot more.. and im a lazy guy.. :-)

von BobDeere - am 19.05.2015 07:59
just for fun..
found 2 of these at the junkyard yesterday..
tested and charged. 2 for 50 € !
they are very light. ! was thinking to out 1 of them on the battery shelf/cage
it should fit , if not ill put it on the floor behind
it should make the car go little faster for a while.

von BobDeere - am 19.05.2015 08:13
These type of Batterie are only good for about 80 cycles..and only 50% of Charge max!!
The AGM Batterie can discharged to 80% and a cycle life from about 250!!!

And then...38Ah are too less! I think you will have a max range from about 12km!!!

von Sven Salbach - am 19.05.2015 09:09
i have bought 3 of these " sorry the site in only in Swedish"

the 2 small batteries are intented to be in my Sinclair C5

von BobDeere - am 19.05.2015 13:27
ok.. so far so good..
i just cut the chain using a cable tie as a mark for where to cut
after a few moments i figure out of to slacken the chain "since it was to short"
by rotating the motor..
now i have to figure out how to lock the motor on place..
i guess most be the bolts that goes trough the bracket..yes?

von BobDeere - am 19.05.2015 14:49
Do you have the ALU brackets like on this link?

Sometimes it is easier to order a half chain look than to move the motor.....

Bernd M

von Bernd_M - am 19.05.2015 20:18
i have the last "thin" model of motor
when i took off the old chain i saw i could adjust the motor by simply rotating it.
and under the motor there is some sort of adjustements screws. seems that i can lock
the motor with that..
the problem is when i lock the bracket the chains tightens too hard..
and the chain/sprockets goes not around easy..
but ill figure out today how to fix it.. maybe,,

von BobDeere - am 20.05.2015 05:32
these is the motor i have:

von BobDeere - am 20.05.2015 06:05
!=!=! Ah ok..you say Build 1995?!? That is no Perm...but not the blue one too..then you have thrige Titan?!?
Do you have a picture from it?
Maybe the owner has build an other Motor in it

von Sven Salbach - am 20.05.2015 06:16
here is a pic of the motor and battery craddle
sorry its not a 1995 but a 1992

chassie no:

von BobDeere - am 20.05.2015 11:03
ah ok, he has build the new Motor and other in the old Mini EL :-)

von Sven Salbach - am 20.05.2015 11:04
i have no idea..
i spoke to a guy "cant tell his name" and he told me that sometimes they use
old chassie plates from scraped cars so they can register them easier
as an "old" car ..
but again.. i dont know..

von BobDeere - am 21.05.2015 12:54
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