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CityEl vs Kewert/Buddy who is best..?

Startbeitrag von BobDeere am 09.06.2015 13:59

Hi all.
i have since before a CityEl that runs good " all original with 19 sprocket
and 48 volt lead battery"

i came across a Kewet ser 3 last week for no money "600 €"
the batteries are of course dead..

im trying to figure out what car is the best value.
going to use it for short range driving " around 10-15 km each time"

to be honest i like the CityEl more . its more cool..
it seems that the Kewet is more "car" and as i understand got higher km/h
but not sure..

what you think?
also.. what car is more value/expensive if i want to sell ? the CityEl is register as moped
the Kewet as a car..

thanks for your opinion..


hi Bob, cant tell you much about the kewet, but 600 seams to be quite a bang for the buck, kewets are sold for unreasonable prices here in austria. But on the other hand, hell yeah, a city el ist much more cool :)

AFAIK a kewet runs about 80kmh, thats no problem for a city el either, with some minor and cheap mods, but if its registered as a moped forget about that unless you decide to change the registry - if thats possilbe in your country.

best regards, Konstantin

von el El - am 09.06.2015 14:27
im actually trying to keep the CityEl as a moped.
where i live there are no cops ,,nearest is 30 km away..
and for the top speed its easy to put a switch.. klick. only 30 km/h
also.. with the moped registration.. no MOT or expensive insurance.. LOL

i think in the end its best to keep both. and try out wich one fits me best..

regarding prices.. tell me if i got these right..

a nice CityEl can go for .. say .. 3000-4000 € ?
and a Kewet for between 4000-6000 €
even if i have seen much cheaper ones too..


von BobDeere - am 10.06.2015 06:36
With an EL ist really cheap to get a range from about 200-250km...in a Kewet you need much batteries for that :-(
The El need less energy, nearly the half!
The insurance is cheaper too..
I pay for my El tax and Insurance about 45€ year for the "big" 63km/h Version

von Sven Salbach - am 10.06.2015 19:15
i agree.. the CityEl is a smarter vehicle
the Kewet is more "car" and maybe better to be used in snow and winter..
but as you say much more heavy "and expensier batteries"

but. what is the value of them ? is the Kewet more expensive to buy "new or used" .. or?

von BobDeere - am 10.06.2015 19:21
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