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higher speed changing the rear tires ..?

Startbeitrag von BobDeere am 18.06.2015 11:49

HI all
my car is a 48 volt with 19 cogs at front
im doing 63-65 on a good day..
the motor is strong so i was thinking to make it go faster by put bigger tire at the rear
original they are 80*70*16
i have found 80*100*16 . Ill like to have it go around 70-75 is possible
any idea how more fast it will go? is it any siter out there that help with tire calculations?


Hi Bob,

faster = bigger front cog wheel OR smaller rear wheel.

I have mounted 21 at front and 70 at rear. With my 16 LiFePO4 cells this EL runs around 69km/h.


von Schrauber601 - am 18.06.2015 11:54
even better
i didnt know there where bigger front cog wheel "mine is 17"

von BobDeere - am 18.06.2015 14:00
step one: Check if your speed isnt limited by this:
=strombegrenzer]current limiter
Step two: Make a switch in the cable connected to E2 and thats it to get your desired speeds. ON: More Torque and economy, OFF: More speed.
Thrige motor


von el El - am 18.06.2015 17:11
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