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a few electrical question

Startbeitrag von BobDeere am 12.08.2015 11:32

i have a few questions .. hope you can help me out..

would like to know is i can see if the original charger works..
is it any lamp on the dash that lights up when it charges?

because mine original charger dont work so i have to use other chargers..

when im driving on 3 batteries everything works perfect. light . indicators etc..
but when i put 4 batteries "48 volts" some of the electric dont work any more.."

i remember some of you wrote that the outgoing voltage can be trimed down..
can you please tell me where i can do that?
any pictures maybe?

Thanks again for the help


Hello Robert,

sound like you having a 36V-Version-City-EL.
If you want a 36V-Version running on 48V, a lot of changes need to be done, e.g. an upgrade of the charger etc.

But this is all spekulation until you tell us more details about your City-EL.

von wolfram_f4 - am 13.08.2015 08:23
HI Hartmut
yes i know my car is a 36 volt.
i just want to know how the internal "original" charger work..
i plug the cord to the power.. but is it any lights on the dash for example that shows
how the charger works?

von BobDeere - am 13.08.2015 10:15
Hi Robert,

if you have a "younger" Version of CityEL with a (so called) HF-Charger (beyond driver's seat, but even here a minimum of two different models) in it, the cockpit-LED, which ususally does rhytmical flashing should show continiuos light, wenn charging process is on.
Furthermore you should hear the fan operating.
If that LED flashes when charger is on, but not rythmical, it means you have an error.

If the Charger doesn't work at all, first take a look at the fuse next to the 220V-Input-Terminal beneath driver's seat

von wolfram_f4 - am 13.08.2015 11:22
a Photo of your charger would make it easier to tell

von Christian s - am 13.08.2015 14:58
Thanks Harmut
yes the display is exactly as you say

von BobDeere - am 14.08.2015 06:01
good picture . I dont know anything about this version. Mine is older .

von Christian s - am 14.08.2015 08:56
Hi Robert,

that should be the first (and many say the best) version of HF-charger made by Jürgen Thiessen.

It can be easy manipulated to charging 48V lead-accumulators (if that is what you want)

For 48V Blei-Vlies (sorry don't know the english Term) just set the jumpers (1-2-3-4) to:

B-x-B-x (B=bridge,x=cut)

But if you do so, it is absolutely necessary to change the fan to a bigger one (80 mm).

The charging-process kann even be free programmed via pc, but that is a litte bit complicated.

von wolfram_f4 - am 14.08.2015 10:03
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