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Lynch motor instead of pmg-132

Startbeitrag von henrikga am 27.08.2015 14:44

I want to change the pmg-132 motor with lynch Or agni motor. Is There someone who has done that on cityel fact 4 with succes?

Maybe some pictures in the forum Or on my email Henrik273@gmail.com.

If some of you know anyone that have a lynch Or agni motor forsale, please let me know.


in both cases ask Alias Multimegatrucker:xcool:

then you allow convert ThrigeTitan to lynch too.

von thegray - am 27.08.2015 15:35
It has to be with the fact 4 akkukorb. Because i have a brand new akkukorb

von henrikga - am 27.08.2015 15:44
??! In the F4 Akkukorb :-) fits ONLY the PMG132..all other are to thick :-(

von Sven Salbach - am 27.08.2015 19:16
Do not like to hear that. Then i have to cut and will the frame so new motor will fit

von henrikga - am 29.08.2015 17:51

When you use a new holder for the motor than it will fit you have to use the mounting holes at the outer circle.


von R.M - am 29.08.2015 19:37
I will try to make a new motor console and use the out er holes, so the motor Can be used in the standard fact 4 frame

von henrikga - am 30.08.2015 07:42
Maybe some Thing like this. See attached picture
[attachment 1546 ellert-model-7.jpg]

von henrikga - am 30.08.2015 19:49
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