gretchen dutschke zu den anschlägen in new york vom 19.9.

Startbeitrag von jemand anderes am 19.11.2001 18:09

interessanterweise, scheinen einige menschen, die wir zur 68er-bewegung rechnen können, den verstand noch nicht verloren zu haben (will sagen, sie haben ihr bewußtsein nicht auf den kehrichthaufen der geschichte gepackt). leider ist der text auf english, aber versuchen sollte es trotzdem jede/r.

What does the Terror Attack on the World Trade Center mean for
the Anti-Globalization Movement?

By Gretchen Dutschke Klotz

After the first shock and the feeling of personal involvement (a
feeling shared by people all over the world, not only Americans and
not only the people of New York, Washington and Boston) we
begin to analyze and to figure out what all of this is going to mean
for us. As an American I suddenly saw myself placed in a strange
contradiction which I did not immediately know how to resolve. Nor
do I now know. But I hope we can begin a discussion of this.

We are the object of the terrorist attacks simply because we were
born in America. It doesn’t matter what our politics are. On the
other hand we know why the people of the third world hate us. And
we oppose the policies of our government which have led to this
situation. I must admit that my first thought when I saw those
buildings collapsing and the screaming people streaming out of
them, was how can I go to Washington and demonstrate when it
will seem as if we are demonstrating for the terrorists who want to
kill us? If even I thought that, what will the average media
dependent, non critical American think.

Certainly, such thoughts didn’t last long. Because I quickly
realized that the reason all those people had to die is because our
government has been killing in Viet Nam, Nicaragua, Columbia,
Guatemala, Iraq, Serbia, killi
ng also by creating poverty and starvation in so many countries as
capitalization destroys traditional infrastructures. People are angry because
of the endless killing. They fight back. And we die too. That’s how it is. Y
ou cannot kill decade after decade and not suppose the victims will remain
passive forever.
The thing about corporate globalization is that although the corporations
which are part of the world wide network originated in many countries, they are
now multi-national. Is Siemens still German? What about DaimlerChry
sler? Shell? Random House? And so on. So why is the USA the target? Is it
because the USA blatantly proclaims and practices the politics of the global
corporations without even trying to act as if they cared about the envi
ronment and ordinary people all over the world? While at the same time other
nations whose multinational corporations have just as much benefit from these
US policies try to act as if they cared about people and the enviro
nment? Or maybe it’s simply because the USA is bigger, much bigger, than any of
the others and it has a weapon arsenal which can destroy the world several
times over.

In any case, the horror of what happened in New York is fading as the United
States gears up for war in the Middle East. Our media attuned eyes now see
aircraft carriers, tanks, and soldiers filing into airplanes. We see
Kabul, a city of ruins, where poverty stricken people either try to escape to a
maybe safer place or resign themselves to yet more war. So this is the side of
globalization that we recognize quite well: the war against th
e world in order to feed the hunger of those global corporations.
The military industrial section is happy for the war in Afghanistan. The
energy industries want secure oil supplies. Since most oil reserves are in the
Middle East it is important for the global corporations to have contr
ol over them. The US military will do its job and guarantee sufficient
oil for the corporations that need it. Well, not all corporations. The
point is that even if there is a blurring of national interests in the
global economy, there still are nations ! and national interests.
Multinational corporations which put themselves under the
American shield will get what they want, as long as they subject
themselves to US conditions.

The reasons why the anti-globalization movement started in the
first place are being paraded before our eyes again. In order to
secure resources, in order to provide profits for corporations, the
lives of people all over the world are being expunged. Within the US
national security forces designated to fight terrorists will clamp
down on all opposition. What is to be done?


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