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Manchester United - Fulham FC

Startbeitrag von Keano am 15.08.2001 15:50

So lads the new season will begin soon with this great game and I'll be there to watch it at OT so I want to have your say about this game and your guess about the result!

I think we'll win 3-0!!!

Keano's magic!!!
We'll keep the flag flying high!!!


I also think that United will win the game (2:1). But it will be a hard job to win.
I were at OT to watch the derby against Manchester City. Although it was a bad game, the atmosphere, the museum, the megastore and everything else was great.

Bye Martin

von Martin - am 15.08.2001 16:29
the new boys will get a footballing lesson on Sunday.I hope Ruud comes away with a couple of goals in a 3-0 victory with andy or giggs getting the other.Ill wait till the end of the season for Fabiens goal at easter against the scouse scum.

von doonhamer - am 15.08.2001 17:51
Mein Tip: 3:1 für die roten Teufel

Mit Toren von: van Nistelrooy (2) und Becks

von Petra - am 16.08.2001 09:57
wir gewinnen 1:0 durch ein spätes tor von van nistelrooy. fulham nur nicht unterschätzen!

von heidi - am 16.08.2001 11:36
Well Fulham showed us in the last F.A.-Cup that they're very strong but know they're playing against a strong and unbeatable side of Manchester and they'll see OT and that's why they'll lose against us on sunday.

Keano's magic!!!
We'll keep the flag flying high!!!

von Keano - am 16.08.2001 16:28
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