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Keano's exit

Startbeitrag von Keano am 02.09.2001 14:11

Well on teamtalk you can read that Roy Keane said he would consider his exit from OT after the next season.
But I think Manchester United will do everything to keep the best midfielder and the engine of United. I think he will stay after the new manager had been announced. He really wants to go to Celtic after his United career but when Martin O'Neill becomes our new manager I think he'll think again about a move to Celtic.

Keano's magic !!!
We'll keep the flag flying high !!!


Wenn Keano ablösefrei geht, wäre das ein schwerer Schlag. Schade, dass er Celtic so sehr liebt, dass es ihn dahin zieht.
Aber vielleicht bleibt er ja doch.


P.S:Roy, we all love you!

von Kai - am 02.09.2001 17:20
if fergusons looking to get money it should be Keane thats next on his way out.All he seems to say theese days is how much he wants to play for a bunch of loosers at parkhead.if this is what he wants then the sooner he goes the better.Let veron take over his role get scholes back in midfield,cole or ole up front with ruud and we wont even notice hes gone.

von doonhamer - am 02.09.2001 20:58
Just remember that Keane is our vital engine in midfield. Without him we wouldn't get that power from midfield we normally get. Keane will ever be one of the greatest midfielders United ever had.
Apart from that he just wants to leave the club when the standard slips.

Keano's magic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We'll keep the flag flying high !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

von Keano - am 02.09.2001 21:31
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