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New Manager

Startbeitrag von Keano am 05.09.2001 09:56

Ok we've got a lot of candidates but who will be the right one?

1. Sven Goran Erikson: Talented coach, knows all the english players and Veron, would be a perfect solution.

2. Van Gaal: a fat man, not good enough, problems with his national team, doesn't fit in the club

3. Martin O'Neill: The best of all, I don't know why but he simply would be the best man for the job!!

4. Capello: Maybe, I don't know much about this man

Just one name: MARTIN O'NEILL

Keano's magic !!!
We'll keep the flag flying high !!!


ich weiss, Du hälst nicht viel von Deutschen.
Aber ich finde, Ottmar Hitzfeld wäre nicht schlecht als


Ansonsten bin ich für O'Neill oder Capello.

von Kai - am 05.09.2001 11:44
Hi everyone!

After the great success of Sven Goran Eriksson I think he is one of my favourites. He said some time ago that he would like to return to club management. And after the World Cup next year he could be available... a mouthwatering prospect. However, according to a tabloid he has already ruled himself out of this job.

Ottmar Hitzfeld is the second name of the list. He proved that he can handle media pressure as well as difficult players. All credit to him that he silenced some of the Bayern players down...

Martyn O'Neill is fantastic as well, however, I can't see him leaving Celtic at the moment.

What about David O'Leary... He is quite successful as well, but I think he has a slightly lower profile as the other potential contenders.

Whoever the next manager will be, he must have a strong character as well as a personality.

von Petra - am 06.09.2001 09:57
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