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Startbeitrag von Keano am 05.01.2002 19:25

I got this story from a friend in England. Check this out:

MANCHESTER UNITED are hot on the trail of Boca Juniors defender Nicolas Burdisso and have lodged a firm inquiry with the Argentine giants.The 20-year-old natural defender has been closely
followed by United since 1998, when he travelled to the
United Kingdom with Boca's youth side, a team that
included Carlos Marinelli, and his performances on that
tour earned him a move to Middlesbrough.
United's chief scout and brother of Sir Alex Ferguson,
Martin, spotted Burdisso and has been trailing the
youngster ever since.
Sources in Argentina revealed that United have been in
touch with Boca over the availability of the central
defender, who has previously been looked at by
Sunderland and Leeds United.
Unusually for the financially starved Boca, they do not seem keen on selling the
Argentine Under-20 international, but president Mauricio Macri has the final say
on all transfers and it seems that a bid of around $5 million from United would be

Burdisso himself, admitted that he knew nothing of United's interest and he was
merely happy to continue playing for Boca.
"The truth is that I do not know anything of a transfer away from the club," said

"I am currently with Boca and I have only just started playing from last year."

The youngster, however, revealed that a move away does interest him.

"I am very happy and know that I still have much to learn, but to know that other
clubs are interested is always very nice because that means I am doing
something right.

"If something arrives and it brings me financial rewards, then I will welcome it, if
not, then I will continue working hard as always."

It is being suggested that United could push through a deal for Burdisso in the
near future, but if they did then they would allow him to remain with Boca on loan
for at least a further six months.

Burdisso was part of Argentina's youth side which won the World
Championships last year, and also included Sunderland duo Julio Arca and
Nicolas Medina.

Another member of that team to be linked with United is Fabricio Coloccini, the
Milan defender who is on loan at Alaves, but he has stated that no offers have
yet been made.

"There are just rumours at the moment, nothing in writing" he said, speaking of
reports linking him with United, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

"It is good that they have been linked, but I am concentrating on playing where I
am at the moment.

"They are the best clubs in the world and one dreams of playing for them and
winning things.

"But, for now, my feet are firmly on the ground and I am concentrating on being
an Alaves player."

Keano's magic !!!
We'll keep the red flag flying high !!!


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